Welcome to Sacrifice a fansite and fanlisting dedicated to Ash Redfern, a character from L.J. Smith's Night World series. One of L.J. Smith's most deceiving characters, Ash intially seems to be the 'ultimate vampire' living the ideal Night World life, but delve deeper and a new character emerges - a chameleon of sorts with the ability to adapt himself to suit the situation, whatever it may be. The centre of many a debate within the LJS community, this site is my attempt to get across the complexities of a character that has remained one of my favourites for many years.

As well as being a comprehensive fansite, Sacrifice hosts the Ash Redfern fanlisting as approved by The Fanlistings Network (not sure what that means? Take a quick look at the about page), so once you've learned all about Ash why not grab a code and join up =)

General comments, suggestions and donations for any aspect of the site are always welcome, so please do get in touch if you have anything to add.

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A Quick Note

To let you know that LJ Santa, the L.J. Smith secret santa fan-fic exchange is running again this year! If you fancy writing a fan-fic as a gift and receiving one in return, hop on over to the site and sign up. It's always an awesome time so you won't regret it!

Site Updates

16 February 2010 - Long time no freaking update! After four years of silence (eep!) I'm back with a new layout and new codes for the fanlisting. I've also updated the links and have some plans for a few content updates. Here's hoping I actually remember to add stuff to this site since I've proved rubbish at updating it over the past few years *headdesk*
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