Ash Redfern: Outward Character

Ash Redfern is intitially introduced to us "the real thing. The ultimate vampire." It quickly becomes apparant that he is the embodiment of Night World ideals.

He hates humans, whom he refers to as "vermin", associating with them only as food or toys. He uses human women and throws them away when he is done. He is ruthless, willing to use any means to achieve his goals.

Ash revels in his nature as a born-vampire and shows no signs of shying away from killing. He follows the Night World class system, treating werewolves in a derogatory way and seeing made-vampires as less fortunate than lamia.

He is calm and collected, betraying no emotions. He is a skilled chameleon, adapting himself as necessary to deal with a situation in the optimum fashion. He feels no remorse for those he fools. He is powerful and uses his powers to his own advantage. Above all, he does not believe in the soulmate connection.

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