Ash Redfern: Description

Ash is first described on page 182 of Secret Vampire as "a boy with ash blonde hair. He was very good looking, built like James, but a little taller, and maybe a year older. His hair was longish. His face had a nice shape, clean-cut features, and wicked slightly tilted eyes."

In all of his further appearances in the Night World series, Ash's description matches the above quote. Below is a basic list of his physical (and mental) appearance:

Hair: Ash blonde; longish
Eyes: Change colour according to his mood; slightly tilted; "hypnotic"
Age: 18
Height: "Lanky"; has long legs
Facial Features: Clean-cut; handsome smile
Posture: "Elegant"; conjures an image of a lazy predator
Overall Looks: Gorgeous
Mind: "A tangled thorn-forest of iridesecent colours that changed from second to second"
Voice: Tends to talk rapidly
Movements: Also tend to be rapid but elegant and predatory
Humour: Leans towards irony and sarcasm
Clothes: Usually jeans and a t-shirt (best to ignore the comment about the bleached white jeans, if you ask me *shudder*)
Powers: Telepathic; can shield his mind; hints of a "hypnotic" power
General Comments: Often described as looking like a big amiable cat. Everything about Ash seems changeable, his "lovely" laugh can become threatening and his "hypnotic" eyes, frightening. The word "lazy" seems to be used to describe almost everything about him at one point or another. Has a talent for charming people. We are often told that there is something dangerous below Ash's surface. Has an impressive range of smiles.

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