Ash Redfern: Ever-Changing Eyes

Ash's famous eyes, which change colour according to his mood, are something he shares with Maya, the first vampire. Could this have deeper meaning for Ash? Could Ash have the potential to be as powerful as his ancestor?

Presumably, the colour of Ash's eyes matches his mood. This is insinuated in the books, but descriptions don't always match up.

Eye Colour Mood Mentioned In
Green Persuasive Secret Vampire
Glacier Ice Green Hatred Daughters of Darkness
Hellebore Green Crafty/Persuasive Daughters of Darkness
Emerald Green Heartache Dark Angel
Blue-Green (Mock?) Sympathy Secret Vampire
Blue Guiless/Innocent Daughters of Darkness
Deep Blue Bored/Uninterested Secret Vampire
Blue-Violet Earnest/(Mock Respect?) Secret Vampire
Violet Innocent/Guiless Secret Vampire
Golden-Hazel Amusement Secret Vampire
Amber Annoyed Dark Angel
DarkTempted Secret Vampire
Black Dangerous Secret Vampire
Unsettled Soulmate Connection Daughters of Darkness

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