Ash Redfern & Family

As head of the Redfern family on the West Coast of America, Ash is responsible for keeping members of his family in the area under control. It becomes obvious to us very quickly, that his family image is extremely important to him - the whole basis of his journey to Briar Creek is to safeguard the family honour.

When Quinn mentions Hodge Burdock's execution for betraying Night World secrets, Ash attempts to distance this smear on the family by pointing out that Hodge was only related to the Redferns through marriage. When Quinn moves on to James Rasmussen and Poppy North, whom Ash has had a recent run-in with, Ash simply lies. There is no way to put some distance between the Redferns and James, who is well-known to be a close cousin. Instead, Ash tries to discredit the gossip Quinn has been listening to, even though he knows it to be true. He later tells Mary-Lynnette to stay away from his sisters, as she is a bad influence.

But does this hide something deeper? Is Ash's concern for the Redfern family image really "self interest" or is it a mask for his real love for various members of his family, his sisters in particular? Throughout Quinn's attack on various members of the wider Redfern family, Ash remains impartial and gives no visible reaction. But when Quinn starts to attack Rowan, Kestrel and Jade, Ash becomes noticably "uncomfortable". This could be because there is no way in which he can deny the activities of his sisters, or it could reflect Ash's true feelings for the girls. These feelings, although well hidden, could indicate that Ash loves his sisters and doesn't want anything bad to happen to them. There are hints throughout Daughters of Darkness which indicate that this might be true.

For example, immediately after Quinn suggests that he and Ash should simply inform the Elders of what has happened, in order to guarantee a thorough investigation, Ash responds negatively, trying to steer the made-vampire away from that particular course of action. He himself wants to deal with the situation, but why? Surely it would be easier for a vampire who isn't interested in anyone else to just hand the case over to the Elders and allow them to punish his sisters? At this stage, although women are reared to be docile on the Night World island enclave, Ash points out that his sisters aren't stupid.

Later, Ash tries to convince the three girls to return to the island with him, saying that he won't let them be hurt and will cover for them somehow. This happens after he discovers his soulmate and we are supposed to believe that he is changing. Undoubtedly he is, but I think it's probable that instead of becoming a different person, he's just allowing a different side of himself to show. This side has always been a part of Ash but has been hidden from view along with all of his other emotions. This side of Ash doesn't want to see his sisters hurt and didn't want to from the beginning. He is protective of them and worried about their safety. He also reveals that when he told Mary-Lynnette to stay away from his sisters, it was to protect her, rather than them as he had originally told her.

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