Ash Redfern vs. Remy LeBeau

Surprisingly, there are similarities between my favourite Night World vampire and my favourite X-Man. This may just be a piece of fluff, but it's all good!

Both Ash and Gambit have very unusual eyes. While Ash has inherited his ancestor's ever-changing eyes, Gambit's red irises on black sclera, link him to a prophecy. Ash's eyes change colour according to his mood, while Gambit's glow and glitter according to both his moods and the use of his mutant powers.

Both hold important positions in their families. Ash is the head of the Redfern clan in certain areas of the country, while Gambit is the head of both the LeBeau family and the Thieves Guild. Both of these roles have led Ash and Gambit to the establishment of facades of sorts. Ash is the perfect Night World citizen and Gambit is the perfect, uncaring thief. But it is obvious that both characters are much more than that. Both have had to fight against their upbringings to better themselves while still staying true to their roots.

Family is important to both men. Ash has an inbuilt protective streak for his sisters and has (I have argued) tried to protect them throughout their lives. Gambit, on the other hand, has no blood relatives that he is aware of and so has forged different families. His loyalties to both the Thieves Guild and to the X-Men, although often conflicted, can never be called into question.

Although both may have left these days behind them, both Ash and Remy are well-known ladies' men. They have both used their various charms *ahem* to win women over and have both used these women in different ways to get what they want.

It can be said that both characters were saved by a woman, despite their womanising ways. For Ash it was Mary-Lynnette and for Gambit it was Rogue. After meeting their respective lady-friends, both bad-boys reformed to a degree that neither they nor those who knew them could ever have imagined. It is to be hoped, however, that Ash and Mary-Lynnette will not have to follow the rocky road of Gambit and Rogue.

Interestingly, it has been implied, but never stated, that both men have the ability to charm or hypnotise others using their voices.

Can you think of any other similarities or any other characters that Ash seems to be like? E-mail me and let me know!

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