Ash Redfern & Humans

Ash himself admits that he sees humans as 'vermin' and he tells Quinn that he knows "what to do about them." Jade tells us that:

"He doesn't like humans... If he didn't like chasing
human girls and playing with them, he'd probably be
planning to wipe out all of the humans and take over
the world." (DoD, page 135)

This is all a bit ambiguous though. From what James Rasmussen says in Secret Vampire and what the Redfern sisters say in Daughters of Darkness, it is clear that Ash is a bit of a ladies man. Every time that someone mentions Ash's womanising streak, the girls in question are always human. Can we marry the ideas of Ash hating humansand yet dating so many of them? While it's true that he must have used many of these girls for various things, there is never any mention of him killing any of them. And if he has been with as many human girls as we are led to believe, he couldn't have killed them all without someone noticing. Rowan and Kestrel tell us that Ash is personally "loose", while Jade states that he only wants one thing from human girls (apart from their cars). This all combines to present an image of Ash, the male slut. The implications of what Rowan, Kestrel and Jade have to say, seem to me to lean towards someone who wants girls for sex. Undoubtedly, Ash drank from many of these girls, but was he drawn to them for blood or sex? Could Ash Redfern stand to have sex with someone he considered inferior in every way? I think not.

Throughout the book, his quest to prove to Mary-Lynnette that he is not stupid, shows us that Ash cares about what Mary-Lynnette thinks of him, even before he gives in to the soulmate connection. It seems fairly obvious that he is treating her with a respect he is not supposed to have for humans.

Later, his ideas of the implicit inferiority of women (learned from his island sanctuary home and general Night World ideals), comes back to haunt him. Although he tries to overcome certain notions, he finds it difficult to ditch the idea that he must protect Mary-Lynnette. Ironically,it is Mary-Lynnette who defeats Jeremy, proving her strength of mind and body, and protecting Ash, rather than vice versa.

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