Ash Redfern: Illustrations

There are two images of Ash available from various Night World book covers. The question is, how faithful are these illustrations?

Ash Redfern, NA Cover 1996 The first and, I suppose, the original. This image of Ash Redfern, by Sanjulian, appears on the 1996 North American cover for Daughters of Darkness. All I have to say is NOOOOOOOOOOOO! My thoughts on the NA Night World covers are well known - I detest them. However, I shall try to be impartial...
The hair is fairly ash blonde-ish, but I think that's really where all similarities end. The eyes don't seem to be slightly tilted, there's nothing elegant or feline looking about the face. And, HE'S WEARING A CLOAK! That's just wrong.
However, Ash is holding his hand above his sisters and it looks like he's controlling some puppets. This is interesting as Ash's original plans seem to have been to control his sisters and bend them to his will. So, it turns out the North American covers have got something going for them after all.
There's an excellent 'make-over' of this image by Juli, held at Twilight Tales.

Ash Redfern, UK Cover 2001 The second and most recent portrayal of Ash, by Gary Marsh, is from the 2001 UK reprints of the Night World books. Personally, I like this image. I am well aware that it doesn't match Ash is anyway shape or form though. Well, apart from the fact that this guy is obviously a vampire, that is.

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