Ash Redfern: Powerful Name

Lamia are traditionally named after natural objects. Types of wood, as one of the only things that can hurt or kill them, are some of their most powerful names. Ash is clearly a type of wood. So it would seem that Ash Redfern has been given a name that signifies great power. Could this possibly be because of the implications of those famous "ever-changing" eyes?

Due to the obvious meaning of Ash's name, I was forced to seek out other interpretations from Kabalarian Philosophy which analyses names using maths and science. According to them, the name Ash creates individuality, independence, self-confidence, initiative and an inclination to physical activity. Apparantly, those named Ash are not willing to work in subservient positions and don't like to accept compromise. Furthermore, they tend to express themselves directly, without tact, diplomacy or friendliness. The analysis also tells us that other people often find it difficult to accept the domineering, and occassionally argumentative, nature that a person named Ash tends to possess. Their circle of friends is small, but they are very loyal to those they care for. They display little sentiment, appreciation, sympathy or encouragement towards family members as they find it difficult to find the right words for such situations.

Surprisingly, this does seem to match Ash Redfern quite well. There is no arguing that Ash is a confident and independant person who seems to enjoy acts of a more 'physical' nature. His relationships with others often show him as trying to assert the dominant role and he is usually successful in this (for example with Quinn). Ash is often described as speaking as "blandly" and comes across as quite impersonal sometimes. It's hard to say anything about his circle of friends, but it is fairly obvious that once Ash cares for someone he becomes very protective and, presumably, loyal. The attitude towards family described in the Kabalarian analysis also seems to match Ash's Night World persona.

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