Daughters of Darkness

Instead of dealing with Ash in this section (See Ash Redfern for details from this book), I'm going to deal with the point of Daughters of Darkness and what it adds to the Night World series.

On a basic level the book serves to deepen our knowledge of the Night World. We are told more about vampires and are introduced to a werewolf. The history of the Night World and many of its customs are established. We learn just what happens if you break the rules, as well as what happens if you commit a smaller misdemeanour, like running away.

On the flipside, Daughters of Darkness shows us what happens to people that don't want to give themselves over to the soulmate connection. We learn more details about the connection itself and what it can mean to people, and are confronted with a pair of very different characters fighting against it.

"Being soulmates is involuntary - you don't even
have to like the person when you meet them.
They may be completely wrong for you in every
way - wrong species, wrong temperament, wrong
age. But you know you'll never be completely
happy again without them." (page 126)

As a further introduction to the Night World and the more negative side of the soulmate principle, Daughters of Darkness succeeds well, setting a base for future stories and drawing us further into the world created in these books.

North American Cover, 1996 First UK Cover, 1997 New UK Cover, 2001 German Cover, 2001

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