Quotable Moments

"He's crazy. Also cold-blooded, ruthless -"
"...Ash is the real thing. The ultimate vampire. He doesn't care about anybody but himself, and he loves to make trouble."
James to Poppy, Secret Vampire, page 179

"Ash used her feelings to get her away. Nobody can push buttons and pull strings like he can... he likes to play with things. Like a cat with a mouse."
James to Phil, Secret Vampire, page 197

"Something about Ash's manner was beginning to bother her. He was acting more as if they were out on a date than as if he were escorting her into exile."
Poppy reflecting on Ash's behaviour in Las Vegas, Secret Vampire, page 201

"Despite his charm, she could always feel something cold running below the surface in Ash, like an icy river."
Poppy, Secret Vampire, page 209

"But Poppy, oddly, wasn't as certain as they were. She looked at Ash's wide eyes, his wide violet eyes - and felt doubt slosh back and forth inside her.
It was hard to read him, as it had been hard all along. Maybe because he always meant what he said at the time he said it - or maybe because he never meant anything he said. No matter which, he was the most irritating, frustrating, impossible person she'd ever met."
Poppy after Ash claims he wasn't going to reveal her to an Elder, Secret Vampire, page 218

"You know, you've never really cared about anyone. But someday you will and it's going to hurt. It's going to hurt - a lot."
James to Ash after Poppy is rescued, Secret Vampire, page 219

"Lamia are so wonderfully family oriented."
"And made vampires are so wonderfully...short."
Quinn and Ash, Daughters of Darkness, page 32

"And [Ash] looked like a cat who's had a shock. Bristling. Unhappy. Astonished. Well, at least he was awake, Mary-Lynnette thought."
Ash's reaction to the soulmate connection, Daughters of Darkness, page 69

"'Hey. Hey, look, you know, you really don't know what you're doing,' he said. 'If you knew...' And Mary-Lynnette saw it again - something in his face that made him suddenly look not fatuous or amiable at all. Like the glitter of a knife blade in the light, Something that said danger...."
Ash to Mary-Lynnette who has just kicked him, Daughters of Darkness, page 73

"He doesn't like humans... If he didn't like chasing human girls and playing with them, he'd probably be planning to wipe out all of the humans and take over the world."
Jade talking about Ash, Daughters of Darkness, page 135

"'I know you know,' he said with deadly patience. 'I'm trying to get you out, you poor sap, before I find out how much you know.'"
Ash to Mark who has just revealed that he and Mary-Lynnette know about the Night World, Daughters of Darkness, page 142

"'Because if I kill you, I have to kill your sister,' Ash informed him, with a smile that would have fit in perfectly at the Mad Hatter's teaparty."
Ash to Mark, Daughters of Darkness, page 143

"It did cross our minds at one point... Actually, it seemed to keep crossing them. Back and forth. Maybe we should put in a crosswalk."
Ash to Jeremy talking about their suspicion that Jeremy killed Mrs Burdock, Daughters of Darkness, page 167

"I didn't ask for this, and if somebody had said last week that I'd be in ... involved ... with a human, I'd have knocked his head off. I mean, after howls of derisive laughter."
Ash about finding his soulmate, Daughters of Darkness, page 173

"Kiss you?"
"Yeah, I know it's a radical concept. I was pretty sure you wouldn't go for it."
Mary-Lynnette and Ash after Ash asks if he can kiss her, Daughters of Darkness, page 191

"And his mind...was every colour of the spectrum. Crimson and gold, jade and emerald and deep violet-blue. A tangled thorn-forest of iridescent colours that changed from second to second...
"...There was darkness in among those gemlike colours. Things Ash had done in the past...things she could sense he was ashamed of now."
Ash's mind as seen by Mary-Lynnette, Daughters of Darkness, page 73

"It [Ash's face] was set and grim, maybe even a little scary, but it wasn't evil..."
Gillian's description of Ash, Dark Angel, page 150

"It was a lazy smile, but with something heart-wrenching behind it.
"'I met a human girl last summer,' he said quietly, and that seemed to explain everything.
Ash's response to why he was tolerant of humans, Dark Angel, page 150-151

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