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Ash Redfern does not, sadly, belong to me. He, and the books he appears in, belong to the author L.J. Smith and her publishers. The image of Mary-Lynnette Carter used in the soulmate section is the property of Marian and is not to be used without permission. Some of the profiles used on the site were originally created by Melysa who generously let me use them several years ago. They have since been heavily edited. The analysis of Ash's name comes from Kabalarian Philosophy and is credited on the page in question.

As for the site itself, I chose to name it Sacrifice as I believe that Ash has been making sacrifices of many kinds since his childhood - he gave up his early easy-going nature, later he gave up his hatred for humans and then he even gave up his soulmate. Sacrifice is a running theme in his life, in my view.

Version 1 of the site used a logo image which was supposed to represent the act of sacrifice, rather than Ash himself. It was taken from a card from the game Magic and was by an unknown artist. It was edited in Paint Shop Pro 7 and used the font Blasphemy. The link buttons used the font Damaged Satellite. Sadly, I don't have a screencap of it...

Version 2 of the site, used the same logo as Version 1 but discarded the link buttons in favour of a text menu. Both versions used the font Verdana for the main body of text.

Sacrifice, Version 2

Version 3 used images taken from the 2001 UK cover of Daughters of Darkness by Gary Marsh, and from cover artwork found on The Goo Goo Dolls' album Gutterflower. The lyrics on the title image came from Vanessa Carlton's Twilight and A Perfect Circle's The Noose. The image was edited in Paint Shop Pro 7 and uses the fonts SF Burlington Script, Base 02, Aramis, Chancellerie Moderne Demo, Gessele and Beltane. Verdana was once again used for the text.

Sacrifice, Version 3

Version 4, used two random images taken from Getty Images, edited in PSP 7 and featured text from Daughters of Darkness and the fonts 04b3 and Porcelain. The code buttons in the fanlisting used the font SG03, while the main text was still in Verdana.

Sacrifice, Version 4

The current version of the fanlisting, Version 5, uses an image from a Marks & Spencers print ad (no lie!), a texture by ohhsnap, a brush by teh_indy and the fonts Pea Yar Yar, SG03 and Verdana. Everything was put together in Paintshop Pro 7 and Notepad. My thanks to Laurel of the now-defunct Ash shrine, Redemption, and Red of Twilight Tales for their helpful input! If you, like them, want to make any comments, suggestions or additions then you can e-mail me, Lorraine, or sign the guestbook.