Site Updates

16 February 2010 - Long time no freaking update! After four years of silence (eep!) I'm back with a new layout and new codes for the fanlisting. I've also updated the links and have some plans for a few content updates. Here's hoping I actually remember to add stuff to this site since I've proved rubbish at updating it over the past few years *headdesk*

08 March 2006 - Added some new codes and updated the links.

09 November 2005 - Added some new codes to the fanlisting section.

24 March 2005 - Added a couple of new members and updated some Project Kenaz related links.

18 February 2005 - Welcome to the new and improved Sacrifice, sporting a new layout and the fanlisting for Ash Redfern =D Woohoo!! If you're a fan (you must be!) then join up right now! Oh, and everything's been converted to PHP.

08 June 2004 - Finished converting the site to the new layout. Added a new affiliate - Muse, the L.J. Smith fanlisting.

30 May 2004 - Another new layout (one which I much prefer to the old one). The only updates this time around can be found in the Links & Rings section where I've added some brand-spanking new buttons for you to link back to Sacrifice, as well as some new links. I'm also working on some 'what next?' scenarious for the site.

28 February 2004 - Welcome to Sacrifice's new home at I've given the site a new layout the celebrate the move and made (very) minor content changes throughout. This layout should work for every type of browser and screen resolution, but if not please let me know.

27 October 2003 - Added a few new links: Mortality Lost, a Medieval NW RPG; Wild Child, a Deborah Armstrong shrine; Bitch Goddess, a Katherine von Swartzschild shrine; and Red Ochre, a Hunter Redfern Fanlisting. Many apologies for the lack of recent updates, I promise to add something soon!

2 September 2003 - Red from Twilight Tales pointed out that Netscape users can't view the site properly (which makes sense seeing as how it uses iframes), so I've made a new text menu that everyone should be able to access. Many thanks to Red for bringing it to my attention!
Remember that Gambit/Ash comparison I promised? Well I've finally finished it and you can view it in the Ash Redfern section.
Finally, I added a little observation on Mary-Lynnette's relationship with the Redfern sisters in the Soulmate section.

31 July 2003 - Added a profile of Opal Burdock to the Family section.

29 July 2003 - Reorganised the links section and added two new sites: Everything Comes Back to You & Pink Haze.
I've also made some corrections to mistakes pointed out to me by Laurel of Redemption. The first is in the family section where I had a complete brain-leak and forgot all about Jez who is both a Redfern and a Wild Power. So I've changed the Wild Power comment to include her!
The second correction is in the species section where I had (very) incorrectly stated that lamia used a black rose as their symbol. This has also been changed. Cheers Laurel!

12 July 2003 - A quiz! Hurrah! I've added a new quiz What Woman Are You?. Of all the ladies in Ash's life, which one are you most similar to? Take the quiz to find out!

4 July 2003 - Added a little section on the illustrations of Ash on various Night World covers.

29 June 2003 - Details of Ash's eyes have been added, including a list of colours and corresponding moods. Also added more information on his name.

28 June 2003 - I've divided up the Ash Redfern section to make the information more accessible. This has resulted in the addition of some new info, such as a physical description and some facts about his name. It has also led to the expansion of certain points, such as his reaction to the soulmate connection.
Over in Mary-Lynnette's area, I've added a new picture. The image belongs to a friend of mine and is not to be used without permission.
I've also added some new fanlisting links on the introduction page, but that's not really important!

27 June 2003 - Added the North American cover for Enchantress and a small quote from Daughters of Darkness.

26 June 2003 - Updates made to the information on lamia and the Mary-Lynnette section. This means that my analysis of Mary-Lynnette is now completely finished.
New pics have been added to Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness and Enchantress.
I've finally created the Ash Redfern page and the Daughters of Darkness page, both of which are complete.
New quotes from Daughters of Darkness have been added to the quotes page.
I've added two short pieces of Ash & Mary-Lynnette fan-fiction to the links page (I wrote them myself, so please read them and let me know what you think!), along with a new link for the Black Dawn Reign of the Night RPG.

23 June 2003 - Uploaded the Mary-Lynnette section, as well as some new quotes, Redfern family profiles and information about Ash's mention in Enchantress.