The Redfern Family

As a Redfern, Ash has quite a complicated family history.

The Redfern family goes back to prehistoric times and is decended from Maya, the first vampire, who gave birth to a son called Red Fern. But it was Hunter Redfern, not Maya, who made the biggest mark in their history. When Hunter's son, Chervil, ran away in the 1400s, Hunter was left without an heir and he was forced to form an alliance with the witch Maeve Harman, helping to end the feud between vampires and witches. Unfortunately for Hunter, all of the children he fathered with Maeve were girls. Three of the girls, Garnet, Lily and Dove were raised as lamia, while Roseclear was raised as a witch. The result of Hunter and Maeve's union is that all modern Redferns, with one exception, are part witch.

After the death of his daughter Dove at the hands of a human preacher, Hunter founded several island enclaves in the New World to allow Night World denizens to live free from human persectution. On one of these islands, founded in the 1600s, his family flourised until it reached the present generation of Ash, Rowan, Kestrel and Jade Redfern. Following in the footsteps of Tormentil, Rowan, Kestrel and Jade escaped the safe town which was still operating in an old-fashioned way and not allowing them any freedom. They ran to their great-aunt Opal Burdock, formerly Redfern.

Other vampire relations of the Redfern family in the current generation include Jasper and Mader Rasmussen, their son James, and the half-human Jezebel Redfern. Hunter's great-grandson has also been recently discovered. Delos Redfern, the only "true" Redfern left besides Hunter himself, is the grandson of Chervil. When Chervil ran away he founded his own safehaven, the Dark Kingdom, where he and his descendants had lived in isolation since the 1400s. Created as a hiding place from Hunter, the Dark Kingdom remained remarkably secret until the 1990s when it was forced to open its borders to look for new slaves, leading to its discovery by both the Night World and Circle Daybreak. When Delos' father Tormentil died, Delos became the ruler of the Dark Kingdom. When Hunter discovered the existence of this pure line of Redferns he attempted to shut the Dark Kingdom down and bring Delos over to the Night World. Delos revolted, however, siding with Circle Daybreak and killing Hunter.

The Redfern's have many non-vampire relations, including the entire Harman family, the current generation of which includes Thea and Blaise Harman, Gillian Lennox-Harman and Iliana Dominick-Harman. Egdith Harman, the former witch crone was Ash's great-aunt.

Through blood-ties the Redfern family are also related to the humans Mary-Lynnette and Mark Carter.

The Redferns are also responsble for creating many made-vampires including John Quinn, who was turned in the 1600s, and Timmy, a friend of the vampire hunter Rashel "The Cat" Jordan. As a human, John Quinn fell in love with Hunter's daughter, Dove, but was turned into a vampire by Hunter himself. When Quinn went to his own father for help, his father killed Dove, thus angring Hunter. Hunter is also responsible for the making of Timmy.

Interestingly, the Redfern family itself has produced two of the Wild Powers, Delos and Jez Redfern, while it's wider associations have yielded the third, Iliana Dominick-Harman.

Short Profiles of the Redfern Family

[x] Delos Redfern
[x] Hunter Redfern
[x] Jade Redfern
[x] Jez Redfern
[x] Kestrel Redfern
[x] Maya
[x] Rowan Redfern

[x] The Dark Kingdom

[x] Opal Burdock
[x] Mark Carter
[x] Iliana Dominick-Harman
[x] Blaise Harman
[x] Egdith Harman
[x] Thea Harman
[x] Gillian Lennox-Harman
[x] James Rasmussen
[x] John Quinn