Blaise Harman

Name: Blaise Harman
Species: Witch, part Lamia
Soulmate: Unknown
Appearance: Smoldering grey eyes; hair like stopped smoke; curvy figure
Family: Egdith Harman (Grandmother), Thea (cousin, raised as sister), the Redfern family (cousins)
Ocupation: Student (formerly Lake Mead High School, now at Ursula's 'Convent')
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Enchantress

Summary: After being expelled once again from a school in New Hampshire, Blaise along with Thea was sent to live in Nevada with her grandmother. Raised to be sisters, the two are in fact cousins and are as different as night and day. Blaise is a direct descendant of Hellewise, and both she and Thea are known as Hearth-Women. Born one minute before midnight, Blaise often acts older than Thea who was born one minute after midnight.

A member of Circle Midnight, Blaise tried to tempt Eric Ross from Thea,but failed. She was later called before the Inner Circle and accused of fashioning a necklace from forbidden materials and binding two humans with a forbidden love charm. As a result she was sent to the 'convent'. In order to save Thea, who had also been brought before the Inner Circle, she exchanged the liquid in the Cup of Lethe with Iced Tea, allowing Thea to retain her memory, against the wishes of the Inner Circle. Blaise must now pretend that Thea did indeed loose her memory and can only meet her in secret.

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