The Dark Kingdom

Sometime in the 1400s Chervil Redfern and his father, Hunter, parted company. Hunter later assumed that his son was dead and, left with no heirs, joined together with the witch Maeve Harman, to start a new line of Redferns.

For his part, Chervil founded a kingdom that would remain untouched by outside influence for 500 years. His kingdom was specially created for this purpose. Chervil did not want his father to find him and so, it remained a secret for centuries.

Because it was not a natural area, the Dark Kingdom had no olour. Everything there seemed to be phosphorescent white or dead black. Ringed with and protected by mountains, it was described as follows: "The place seemed to be full of ghosts, materilising and then disappearing with an almost audible wail. It was like another world."

Located in the Cascade mountains it was surrounded by spells and fog, which made it impossible to find if you didn't know it was there. There were no animals, no plant life... just rock. The human slaves had all been brought from the outside world when the kingdom was created, and had since multiplied. Everyone, slaves and nobles alike, still dressed as if they were still in the Middle Ages.

The centre of operations for the kingdom were located in the 'Black Dawn' castle. "It rose out of the mist like an island, black and shiny and solid. With towers at the edges. And a wall around it with a saw-toothed top, just like the castles in pictures." It was here that the nobles lived, with their slaves in huts scattered around it.

Dark Kingdom law towards the slaves was hardly just. When slaves attempted to escape or needed to be punished, it was legal for them to be hunted to the death. It was this law that led to the opening of the kingdom in the 1990s - new slaves were desperately needed. Thanks to this, Hunter Redfern discovered the existence of the Dark Kingdom and came immediately seeking to shut it down and take his heir, Prince Delos with him.

At the action of Prince Delos himself, many of the Dark Kingdom nobles were destroyed and all the slaves were set free. It remains to be seen if the area is still in existence.

Further description of the castle:

"But the castle itself was impressive...awe inspiring. It was the only thing in view that wasn't dusty brown or pallid grey. Its walls were shiny and black, almost mirror-like in places, and Maggie didn't have to be told that it wasn't built of any ordinary human stone."

"...led her up a stone staircase, past the ground floor which was just cellars and storage rooms... She got a glimpse of the great all...up another floor into a series of winding corridors that seemed to go on for miles."

"It was dim in this internal labyrinth. The windows were high and narrow and harly let any of the pale daylight in. On the walls there were candles in brackets and flares in iron rings, but they seemed to add wavering, confusing shadows to the twilight."

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