Delos Redfern

Name: Delos Redfern
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Maggie Neely
Appearance: Dark, wavy hair; smooth fair skin; a proud willful mouth; fearless, brilliant yellow eyes; lithe and nicely muscled
Age: 17
Family: Tormentil Redfern (father - deceased), Chervil Redfern (grandfather - deceased), Hunter Redfern (grandfather - deceased), the wider Redfern family
Ocupation: Prince of the Dark Kingdom; Wild Power
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Black Dawn

Summary: A vampire prince born to rule the Dark Kingdom, as his family had done for centuries, Delos, as a prophecised Wild Power, had been treated as a weapon since his birth. Very intelligent and cunning,he learned to block all of his feelings, eventually coming to believe he had none... until he met his soulmate. He believed that Hunter would be victorious at the Millennium and tried to get Maggie to join him and become a vampire. However, Maggie managed to open his eyes to the badside of both the Night World and Hunter and he decided to side with Circle Daybreak. When Hunter discovered this, he planned to kill his grandson in a hunt, but was himself killed when Delos unleashed the Blue Fire. Delos and Maggie are now members of Circle Daybreak.

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