Gillian Lennox-Harman

Name: Gillian Lennox-Harman
Species: Lost Witch, part Lamia
Soulmate: David Blackburn
Appearance: Short (4"11) and petite; immature looking; long pale hair (at the beginning); delicate face; deep violet eyes
Age: 16
Family: Mother & Father, Gary Fargeon (cousin?), the Harman & Redfern families
Ocupation: Junior in Rachel Carson High School, Southwest PA
Nicknames: Dragonfly, Jill
Book Appearances: Main Character in Dark Angel

Summary: Gillian Lennox was an ordinary High School junior with two main ambitions - to date David Blackburn and to be popular. Shyness was Gillian's main obstacle, along with the fact that many people at her school thought she was actually in Middle School not High School. Then one day she was forced to walk home alone and heard crying coming from the woods. In the dead of winter, Gillian fell into a creek and nearly died. When she woke up she had acquired her own 'guardian angel' who talked to her in her head. With Angel's help, Gillian made some changes to her life. She cut her hair, dressed differently and stood up to Tanya Jun, David's girlfriend. These changes helped her to achieve both her ambitions and she quickly became popular and began to date David. While doing that she neglected her childhood friend, Amy Novick.

Angel also introduced Gillian to magic, helping her to cast spells on Tanya and Kimberlee Cherry, to help her on her way to popularity. Her growing trust in Angel led her to The Black Iris, a dangerous Night World club, where she was saved from a certain death by Ash Redfern. She later almost killed David so that Angel could take over his body. Eventually, Gillian realised that Angel was not a 'guardian angel' but a human caught in the between-place. She confronted him and managed to send him on. Despite the harm Angel led her into, Gillian came out of her experience with two things - her soulmate, David Blackburn, and the knowledge that she is in fact a lost witch decended from the Harman family.

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