Egdith Harman

Name: Edgith Harman
Species: Witch, part Lamia
Soumate: Unknown
Appearance: Old but with youthful eyes
Age: Over 100
Family: Thea & Blaise Harman (granddaughters), Gillian Lennox-Harman & Iliana Dominick-Harman (grandnieces), the Redfern family
Ocupation: Crone of the Witches, Leader of the Inner Circle
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Enchantress, also appears in Witchlight

Summary: This 100+ year old witch was the Crone, making her the leader of the Inner Circle. A direct decendant of Hellewise, Egdith, known as Grandma Harman by most, was a Hearth-Woman. Her two granddaughters, Thea and Blaise Harman, lived with her briefly in Las Vegas. However, she was left alone again when Thea was expelled from the Night World and Blaise was sent to the 'Convent'.

Egdith lived in Las Vegas due to her poor health. She needed the dry, warm air for her bad lungs. While in Las Vegas she taught witchcraft and ran a shop full of ingredients for spells. Egdith had a no-nonsense attitude to life and her nieces, but was a warm, mother figure to all those who knew her. When the witches switched sides and joined Circle Daybreak, Egdith went with them and became an influential figure in the organisation. She met her death while working for Daybreak in Witchlight. Before Egdith could convince the third Wild Power and Witch Child, Iliana Dominick-Harman to join their side, she was killed during an attack on the safe-house. In the Inner Circle she has been replaced by Mother Cybele, the new Crone, but her loss is felt deeply by many.

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