Hunter Redfern

Name: Hunter Redfern
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Unknown
Appearance: Tall with blood-red hair; a cold and handsome face; and fierce, brilliant yellow eyes
Age: Unknown
Family: The Redfern and Harman families
Ocupation: Leader of the Night World. Deceased.
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Secondary Character in The Chosen and Black Dawn

Summary: There is much to be told about this notorious and influential figure in the Night World. A descendant of Maya, the first vampire, he soon rose to hold great power in the Night World, rising to become its leader. Hunter's only son, Chervil ran away with his friend after a family argument and founded his own kingdom, The Dark Kingdom, unbeknownst to Hunter who was forced to perform a kinship ceremony with Maeve Harman, the witch leader of the 1400s, in order to stop the vampire and witch feud and to continue the line of Redferns. Hunter had four daughters with Maeve: Garnet, Lily, Dove, and Roseclear. Roseclear was the only of his daughters to be raised as a witch rather than a vampire and to carry the Harman name rather than the Redfern name.

Hunter colonized the New World with vampires during the 1600s. Around this time, he turned John Quinn, a once dangerous figure in the Night World, into a vampire. This act lead to the death of his daughter Dove. After Dove's death Hunter founded several 'safe-havens' to shelter Night Worlders from humans. We are told of three of these island sanctuaries - one in Daughters of Darkness, the home of Rowan, Kestrel and Jade Redfern; another in The Chosen where Rashel Jordan is brought for a 'Bloodfeast'; the last in Black Dawn, where the last 'pure' Redfern lives.

In the 1990s, Hunter learned of the existence of The Dark Kingdom and the only remaining 'pure' Redfern in the world - Delos Redfern. He attempted to bring Delos over to the Night World but was killed in the process.

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