Jade Redfern

Name: Jade Redfern
Meaning of Name: Spanish: Ijada - "Jade stone." No jewel could compare with that priceless gen called "daughter"
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Mark Carter ?
Appearance: White-blond hair; green eyes
Age: 16
Family: Ash, Rowan & Kestrel Redfern (siblings), the wider Redfern family, Mary-Lynnette & Mark Carter (blood-tied)
Ocupation: Student
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: Shy and loving, Jade ran away from the Night World with her sisters to escape a life of arranged marriage, restrictions, and sexism. She travelled to Briar Creek to live with her Great-Aunt Opal only to find her staked in the basement. She was involved in the search to discover her aunt's killer and along the way met her soulmate, Mark Carter. She uses her white-blond hair as a veil, hiding behind it and is considered by others as serene, although she herself feels anything but this. She has a love for animals, especially cats and her only remaining cat, Tiggy, is the most important thing in her life apart from her family and soulmate.

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