James Rasmussen

Name: James Rasmussen
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Poppy North
Appearance: Light, brown hair; grey eyes; 'outlaw' looks
Age: 16
Family: Dr. Jasper R. Rasmussen (father), Madder Rasmussen (mother), the Redfern family (cousins)
Occupation: Student; Member of Circle Daybreak
Nicknames: Jamie
Book Appearances: Main character in Secret Vampire, mentioned in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: James Rasmussen's good looks made him one of the most popular and sought-after guys at school. Even his life-long best friend, Poppy North, had no idea that he was keeping the truth about himself from them all. All of this changed when Poppy was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. Knowing that he was the only one who could save her, James revealed his secret and made her an offer. He told her that he was a lamia, a born vampire, and that he could change her into a vampire which would kill off the cancer and allow her to live forever. When the pair began the transformation, they discovered that more than having feelings for each other, they were soulmates. This discovery increased James' determination to protect Poppy from anything that could hurt her.

This determination was soon tested by James' cousin, Ash Redfern, who realised that James had illegally turned Poppy into a vampire. Catching Poppy alone, Ash convinced her that the Night World Council would discover what had happened and James would be executed because of her. He then took her to Las Vegas, where it appeared that he was about to turn Poppy over to the Council himself. James intervened before this could happen and it was revealed that Poppy was, in fact, a lost witch, making her a legal member of the Night World. Shocked, Poppy and James decided to find Poppy's father before joining Circle Daybreak at a later date.

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