Jez Redfern

Name: Jezebel Redfern
Species: Half-lamia, half-human
Soulmate: Morgead Blackthorn
Appearance: Fine-boned face; red hair; blue/silver eyes
Age: 16-17
Family: Bracken (Uncle), Mother (deceased), Father (deceased), the wider Redfern family
Occupation: Wild Power
Nicknames: Jez
Book Appearances: Main character in Huntress

Summary: Orphaned at a very young age when her parents were killed by Vampire hunters, Jez was raised by her Uncle Bracken in California. Here, she met Morgead Blackthorn, a lamia, and they became close friends. The pair grew up together and later formed a gang of vampires, with Jez as the leader. Then, suddenly, her world was shattered by a vision of her parents death. In the vision she discovered the her mother had been human and not a vampire as she had believed. Finding herself half-human and therefore "prey" in her own mind, Jez abandoned both Morgead and the gang in an attempt to leave her vampire past behind. Living with her human relatives she becomes a vampire hunter, working for Circle Daybreak.

When she was assigned by Daybreak to find the first Wild Power she was forced to rejoin her own gang as Morgead, the new leader, seemed to have some information on the identity of the Wild Power. Managing to return without revealing either her new alliances or the reason for her departure, Jez began to fall in love with Morgead, who told her that they were soulmates. Terrified that Morgead will discover her true heritage and kill her, Jez attempted to hide her origins from him. However, Morgead discovered the truth by himself and, instead of turning against her, accepted her completely, leaving the gang to join Jez as a member of Circle Daybreak.

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