Kestrel Redfern

Name: Kestrel Redfern
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Unknown
Appearance: Golden hair; amber eyes
Age: 17
Family: Ash, Rowan & Jade Redfern (siblings), the wider Redfern family, Mary-Lynnette & Mark Carter (blood-tied)
Ocupation: Student
Nicknames: Kes
Book Appearances: Main Character in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: Forthright and predatory, Kestrel ran away from the Night World with her sisters to escape a life of arranged marriage, restrictions, and sexism. She travlled to Briar Creek to live with her Great-Aunt Opal only to find her staked in the basement. Involved in the search for her aunt's killer, Kestrel came to have a grudging respect for her brother, Ash. She is considered by Mary-Lynnette to be the most predatory out of the three Redfern sisters.

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