Mark Carter

Name: Mark Carter
Meaning of Name: Latin: Marcus - "Warlike one." Celebrated from Marco Polo
Species: Human
Soulmate: Jade Redfern ?
Appearance: Dark hair; clear blue eyes
Age: 15
Family: Mary-Lynnette Carter (sister), Father, Mother (deceased), Claudine (Step-Mother), Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade Redfern (blood-tied)
Ocupation: Student at Dewitt High School, Briar Creek
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: Very ill as a young child, Mark spent many months in an oxygen tent. Having no human contact for this period of his life led him to be shy but temperamental and sarcastic. After the death of his mother, Mark stepped back to let his sister, Mary-Lynnette, take control of his life. Mary-Lynnette constantly tried to find Mark a girl, but it was not until he saw Jade Redfern dancing on her aunt's back porch that he became interested in girls. Having found his ?soulmate, Mark has become protective and is glad to have finally found someone beside his sister, who understands him.

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