Name: Maya Redfern
Species: First vampire
Appearance: Long, black hair; red, full lips; silky, pale skin; eyes that change color
Age: Born in prehistoric times, looks 18
Family: Hecate (Mother), Hellewise (Sister), Red Fern (son), The Redfern family

Summary: From its inception, Maya was the most prestigious vampire in the Night World. The first and the most powerful, she had the ability to shapeshift and create illusions. She gave birth to a son named Red Fern and through him, formed the most famous lamia families in the Night World - the Redferns.

Maya herself was born to Hectate, the Witch Queen and was twin sister to the beautiful Hellewise. When their mother died, Maya and Hellewise became leaders of their magical tribe, but Maya dislike working with Hellewise and dreamed of possessing full power of the tribe, as well as living forever. She spent a considerable amount of time in pursuit of her twin goals and eventually discovered the spell which would make her immortal. There was a catch, however - the spell required the blood of babies. Hellewise refused to help Maya, but Maya, willing to pay any price for immortality and power, went ahead without her sister's help or blessing. Hellewise tried to stop her, but Maya succeeded in killing four babies and draining them of their blood. Hellewise was stricken and Maya, for a while, dissapeared from her tribe.

Her absence was not long lived, and Maya soon returned to the tribe looking for Theorn, a tribe member who found himself torn between his attraction to Maya and his equal attraction to Hellwise. Enranged by his feelings for Hellewise, Maya bent Theorn to her will and turned him in to a vampire, something which he could not forgive her for, causing him to flee from her forever. With Theorn lost to her, Maya turned her son and various other members of the tribe into vampires. Her rampage was only halted when she was challenged to single combat by Hellwise who could no longer stand and watch her people be destroyed. Hellewise was victorious and forced the defeated Maya and her followers to leave. Sadly, she died from wounds inflicted by her sister, soon after the battle.

Not much is known of Maya from this time apart from the fact that she spent much time trying to win Theorn, the first made vampire now known as Thierry Descouedres, back to her. Thierry's discovery of his soulmate infuriated Maya and she spent many lifetimes attempting (and usually succeeding) to kill Thierry's soulmate before he could find her. This cycle continued until the 1990s when Hana, Thierry's soulmate, reincarnated as Hannah Snow, managed to fight back and kill Maya.

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