Opal Burdock

Name: Opal Burdock
Meaning of Name: Sanskrit: Upala - "A precious stone" The magical gem of the ancients that had captured the colours of eaven
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Unknown; Married to Hodge Burdock
Appearance: Blue hair; petite; gravelly voice
Age: Unknown; looked to be in her mid-80s
Family: Hodge Burdock (husband, deceased), Hunter Redfern (nephew),Rowan, Kestrel & Jade Redfern (great-nieces), Ash Redfern (great-nephew), the wider Redfern family
Ocupation: None
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Secondary Character in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: Opal Burdock cut herself off from the Night World and her family after the death of her husband who was executed by the Council for breaking Night World laws. Arrived in Briar Creek, Opal stopped holding off the ageing process. Living alone, with few friends and only her goats for company (and for food), most of the community believed her to be senile. She had been preparing for the arrival of her nieces, the only Night Worlders she had kept in touch with, when she was staked through the heart and killed by JeremyLovett, a werewolf.

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