John Quinn

Name: John Quinn
Species: Made Vampire
Soulmate: Rashel Jordan
Appearance: Black hair; black eyes; strong and chiselled yet almost delicate features
Age: Almost 300 (made a vampire in the 1600s)
Family: None living
Occupation: Member of Circle Daybreak
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Secondary Character in Daughters of Darkness, main character in The Chosen

Summary: One of the most dangerous vampires in the Night World, John Quinn was changed by Hunter Redfern in the 1600s. Although there were rumours that the Redfern family were not all that they seemed, Quinn fell in love with his daughter Dove. Hunter tried to get Quinn to marry one of his other daughters, Garnet or Lily, but Quinn refused and continued to show interest in Dove. Unhappy at the situation,Hunter attacked Quinn and turned him into a vampire. Quinn ran to his father for help, but his father, a preacher, thought that his son had become an abomination and killed Dove before trying to kill Quinn himself. Quinn managed to escape and allied himself with the Redfern family as he had nowhere else to go.

In the next four hundred years, Quinn's hatred of humans grew and he became a feared vampire and valued asociate of the Redferns. When Rowan, Kestrel and Jade Redfern escaped their island sanctuary, Quinn was sent with their elder brother Ash to sort the situation out.

A year later, Quinn met Rashel "the Cat" Jordan, a feared vampire hunter, and realised that he had met his soulmate. At first, both Quinn and Rashel fought their feelings for each other. When Quinn realised that he had found love for the first time since Dove's death and didn't want to throw it away. Leaving the Night World behind, Quinn gave in to his feelings for Rashel and the pair joined Circle Daybreak.

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