Rowan Redfern

Name: Rowan Redfern
Species: Lamia
Soulmate: Unknown
Appearance: Tall and slim; cinnamon-brown eyes; long, wavy chestnut-brown hair
Age: 19
Family: Ash, Kestrel & Jade Redfern (siblings), the wider Redfern family, Mary-Lynnette & Mark Carter (blood-tied)
Ocupation: None
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Daughters of Darkness

Summary: Polite and gentle, Rowan ran away from the Night World to escape a life of arranged marriage, restrictions, and sexism. She travelled to Briar Creek to live with her Great-Aunt Opal only to find her staked in the basement. Involved in the search for her aunt's killer, Rowan demonstrated her motherly-nature. Described as a 'treespirit', Rowan is the second oldest out of the four Redfern children and the oldest girl. The kind of person to always believe the best about others, she makes the mistake of misinterpreting Jeremy Lovett's character.

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