Thea Harman

Name: Thea Sophia Harman
Species: Witch, part Lamia
Soulmate: Eric Ross
Appearance: Soft blonde hair; soft brown eyes; gentle expression
Age: 18
Family: Egdith Harman (Grandmother - deceased), Blaise Harman (cousin, raised as sister), the wider Harman and Redfern families
Ocupation: Student at Lake Mead High School
Nicknames: None
Book Appearances: Main Character in Enchantress

Other: Born one minute before midnight, Thea is actually slightly older than her cousin Blaise, born one minute after midnight. Despite this, Blaise often acts as the older one. Raised as sisters, the two girls have spent most of their lives together and Thea has grown up trying to keep Blaise out of trouble. It rarely, if ever, works, however,and the pair have been expelled from five or six different high school. After being expelled from a school in New Hampshire, Thea and Blaise were sent to Nevada to live with their grandmother, the Witch Crone. Thea is a direct decendant of Hellewise and is known as a Hearth-Woman.

While in Nevada she discovered her soulmate, a human, Eric Ross. While trying to protect Eric from Blaise, Thea accidentaly summoned Suzanne Blanchett, a dangerous witch. For this and falling in love with a human, Thea was called in front of the Inner Circle. Her punishment was the drink from the Cup of Lethe, which would cause her to loose all memory of the Night World and her witch heritage. Luckily, Blaise managed to substitute the liquid in the Cup and Thea's memory has remained intact. However, she must continue to pretend that she knows nothing about the Night World. At least one person apart from Blaise knows that Thea has not lost her memory. Aradia, at the time the Witch Maiden, realising that Thea retained her memories advised her and Eric to seek out Circle Daybreak. As a result Thea moved from Circle Twilight to Circle Daybeak.

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